What are the internal benefits of Aloe Vera?

The Miracle Plant
Aloe vera has always been considered the “Wonder Plant”through history, due to it’s external healing abilities, but it is also a wonderful herbal alternative for internal health as well.Due to it’s anti-inflammatory traits, as well as increasing the ability to absorb nutrients in the digestive system, aloe vera has been used through time to greatly relieve constipation and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), help with heartburn and soothe peptic ulcers. Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis treatment is also a possibility with use of aloe vera.Aloe vera has also been used to strengthen and improve the immune system because of the essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes it contains, as well as restoring vital amino acids your body needs.

It has been said to help reduce blood sugar levels in diabetes, with claims of a 45% reduction. It has also been claimed that aloe vera can repair elastin and collagen in  the skin and joints. There’s been a wide variety of potential internal use of aloe vera to help
with ailments and diseases ranging from arthritis, to dental problems, on down to cancer, but aloe vera is mostly recognized and used for it’s internal benefits to both the digestive and immune system.

If you are considering using aloe vera as an alternative to potentially harsh medicines, you should take caution when using it straight from a plant, and always consult a physician, especially if you are pregnant or considering the alternative for a child or pet. There are different processes for aloe vera and it’s very likely you will not benefit at all if using improper extracting methods for internal use. I strongly advise against it since ingesting improperly will cause various problems like diarrhea, and worse.

There are aloe vera juices on the market, but most cannot tolerate the taste at all, or the juices are watered down, which greatly reduces the benefits as well. My suggestion would be to use an aloe vera natural whole herb supplement
that you can easily swallow if the aloe vera juice isn’t pleasing to your tastebuds.

Here”s to your health!


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